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Funny Paper

You don’t know what’s right or wrong with itBut you need to set your mind freeLife is an illusion tooI’ll keep an eye on you You don’t know what you can do with itGetting power from this little piece Sweat, This sweat is firing my brains You don’t know what

What Your Name Is

How happy you must be right nowthat you gave a birth to these little gentle creaturesI don’t know how you managed to do this,but I tell you why it looks so evilCause I don’t know what you meanabout the world of freedomThere are people who use people everydayIt looks so hard to believe that you …

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There must be somethingThat you want to do again todayDon’t say nothingMaybe silence gives a better way I know you come from the damnedYou give too much to pretendYou don’t know what life’s aboutGo spit on some other ground Don’t have to worryAbout the problems that you never hadRunning with yourselfAnd always win the second …

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