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We Belong To The Dead

I’m still falling… there’s no endI’m so lost now in my headHere’s the answerBut you never gonna learnI’m not breaking and you know i’ll never bendWe belong to the deadI’m not living… feels like i’m deadI’m not hurting… i’m so numbWhat’s the question on the answers that I gave?I am dying from the life I …

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Forever Stoned

I’m in a mood to do something badI don’t know how but I know whyWhen I see you I get madI’m going crazy must be the drug I’m in a mood to build something bigA great big hole if I start to digI’m getting ready for my new comebackI’m thinking faster my own thoughts Forever …

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There’s nothing in there it’s so funnyUnder control now but I can’t say my nameThere’s nothing in there it’s just a burn outAnother big fire another big roundDeeper now I goNever been so lowEverything went blackEverything so slowThere’s only desert there’s only painOnly dust left nothing remainsI can’t remember don’t ask me nothingI like it …

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The Dog That No-one Wanted

Forget where you came fromRunning away from the sceneIt makes no differenceTrapped in yourself nowYou saw what you had to seeHere’s your big chance But you’re so, you’re so beautifulBut you’re so beautifulSo beautiful to me… Tired of the liesBeen feeding you since you were a kidYou can see through nowLiving a nightmare without even …

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Zombie Hour

All the zombiesComing out at nightAll the freaksLooking for a real good fightIt’s time to take controlThe night has come for all It’s time to kill your flowerZombie hourIt’s time to kill your flower All the junkiesCraving for the fixAll the craziesAll the creepsThe moon in on your sideCrawl out and have a bite It’s …

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Space Matter

No need for sugar, I’m too sweetI’m here to lose, nothing to keepYou won’t miss me when I’m goneYou’ll have to face it, I’m never wrong And I knew it, I thought I couldn’t do itBut now I’m above We’re going nowhere spinning aroundLost in the dark and never foundUntil we burn out, into the lightSpace matter, as we …

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Naked Fire

The higher I get…the deeper I seeYou know that your deadYour dying to live Fire get me higher…make me strongFire…naked fire…get down low The lower I get the better it feelsI can’t trust your faceCause nothing is real Fire get me higher…make me strongFire…naked fire…get down low

The Underdog

Exploding in a thousand piecesComing back from the deepest seaIn the making of new highwaysAll I wanted was to be me I’m the underdog Became cheaper so you can buy meTurning smaller so I can hideEvolution came so late for you nowThere’s no way you’ll stand the fight I’m the underdog

The BoggieMan Plan

I’m afraid of the dark at nightI’m afraid I’m gonna miss my rideI’m so scared of the other meI’m my own worst enemy I’m afraid of the voodoo dollsI’m afraid of the wooden crossI’m afraid of everyoneThe boogieman or the Taliban The boogieman became Taliban I’m afraid to look straight throughI’m afraid to face the …

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When I see the black smoke from the rubble of hellWhen I feel that’s enough and the fire won’t burnWhen you think you’ve done wrong and you choose the right wayWill you ever believe in all the power you’ve gained? When it’s gone you feel insaneOnly misery remainsTry to feel good, just to feel goodRockaine …

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