As Above, So Below (CD)


Zombie Hour by Nightstalker


01. Naked Fire

02. Space Matter

03. Zombie Hour

04. The Dog That No-One Wanted

05. Deeper

06. Forever Stoned

07. We Belong To The Dead

08. My Electric Head

09. Blue Turns To Black

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Year: 2016 (Re-release 2022)
Label: The Lab/ Labyrinth of Thoughts (originally: Oak Island Records)
Format: CD (Digipack with booklet)
Credits:Recorded & Mixed at ‘Matrix Studio Athens’, during Feb-Mar 2016
Produced by Nightstalker – Mixed by Nightstalker & Dimitris Misirlis – Engineered by Dimitris Misirlis
Mastered by Dimitris Papadimitriou & John Christodoulatos at Sweet Spot
Artwork Concept Art by Vagelis Petikas (Revolver Design)


Line up
Argy : Vocals
Andreas Lagios: Bass
Tolis Motsios: Guitars
Dinos Roulos: Drums

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